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                                                             Why Book Esalen? So many reasons...


* unique experience not found with other forms of bodywork

* provides caring touch that promotes emotional/spiritual healing besides just physical manipulation 

* done with attention to detail, refinement of touch and whole-hearted deep presence

* there is an awareness of your individual uniqueness, with an intention of working together with you

* personalized - practitioner reads your body, breath and energy throughout massage

* opportunity to feel upper and lower body and limbs as one connected whole being

* unwinds, unblocks and releases layers of physical, mental and emotional holding/tension/trauma

* activates immune system, initiates your body's natural ability to heal itself, increases resistance to illness

* reduction of headaches, improved sleep, reduction of spasms and cramps

* reduction/elimination of chronic pain and tension in muscles and joints

* promotes greater flexibility, improved range of motion

* improved recovery time of injuries and outcomes of surgery

* increased release of endorphins, nature's "pain killing  wonder drug", to soothe physical and emotional pain

* increased flow and feedback throughout your body which promotes physical and energetic realignment

* a felt sense of expansion and spaciousness within your body and mind

* reduces self-consciousness and increases appreciation, reverence, and caring for one's body

* regained sense of harmony and balance in your body, mind and life

* experiential learning of safe healing touch

* inspires more effective ways of loving and relating to others

* restoration of health and vitality - feel lasting improvement and healing for days, weeks, months later

* perfect for ongoing pain, stress, health and wellness management

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