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Shayu is available for private tutorials in the Art of Esalen Massage, and can facilitate group practice sessions, as well as day long, weekend and week long workshops up to 30hrs. Learning the basics of Esalen Massage is useful for beginners, for couples, and for those in the helping and healing professions working with their clients and patients. 

Contact Shayu to find out more.

Esalen Massage Workshops - TBA

The magic of this work is in the depth of your presence, the quality of your touch, your creativity, and your love of the work you are doing!

If you wish to be added to the waitlist for future trainings, please feel welcome to contact Shayu.


Introduction to the Art of Esalen Massage, Oct 25/26, 2019 ~ full/completed 

This day and a half workshop includes movement and awareness practices, live demonstrations, and opportunities to practice on one another as you learn to embody the 3 Key Elements of an Esalen Massage - Presence, Quality of Touch, and the signature technique 'The Long Stroke'.  With Guest Yoga Teacher, Michael Hall of Hemma Yoga and Acupuncture Studio.


Testimonials from participants...

"Loved the simple yet complete focus of learning a full body massage in one and a half days. Excellent flow and time management... good use of space... comfortable environment. The perfect way to enhance massage techniques you may already have OR to learn as a beginner... this workshop is suited to all regardless of experience and ability."


 "The pace and content was perfect. I learned a practical set of techniques that are just as much about massage as they are about general well-being. Shayu is confident, holds space well, and is definitely experienced in the domain of both Esalen Massage and leading workshops."

"This was an excellent workshop... a delightful and transformational journey! Shayu presented and demonstrated clearly and comprehensively, and was very helpful and available assisting and guiding throughout the hands-on practice sessions. It really felt like we covered Esalen Massage in depth. I highly recommend learning Esalen Massage, and, having Shayu as a teacher - it was such a great experience!" ~ Karsten Bruun, Senior Project Manager


 "YES! more classes for me! Great results. Great teaching." ~ Jyoti

"Shayu is a perfect mix of grace and flow and 'let's get to it!' She is on time and respectful, and the container she creates is very safe and professional." ~ Jen Verscheure

"A heart-centered, gentle, safe environment for deep relaxation, learning, and the opportunity to make mistakes without embarrassment. Shayu is a phenomenal teacher and practitioner of Esalen Massage. She's extremely organized and kind, grounded, clear and focused, yet yeilding and accommodating. Lucky to have her in our community. 10/10 as an instructor. I came away feeling confident and filled with peace and gratitude. Thank you!" ~ Julia (Jewel) Day, Diplomate-Certified Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapist 

"I loved the peaceful, comfortable space... (the group size was perfect). The workshop had such a positive, calm quality; never too busy, never dragging, always feeling productive. It was so exciting to feel my partner's ability to produce such amazing sensations. Shayu is a gem! Warm, confident, knowledgeable..."

"I liked how I felt more open and loving. Shayu has clear communication skills and the workshop flowed seamlessly. I am transformed. More people need to experience Esalen Massage; it can change the world and how we relate to each other; creating a world of loving, open-hearted, grounded, present people. F..... ing awesome!"

"Shayu has a beautiful energy to be around. Her smile is always bubbling up and shining through. She commands the process and holds the space well, delivers the information thoroughly, and demonstrates techniques in an easy to follow way." ~ Michael Lawless

"Shayu... was present and available to everyone for questions or help. Thank you for such a beautiful weekend of learning. It was an amazing experience for me, and I am more excited than ever for [my week long Esalen Massage program at] Esalen [in Big Sur, California] in February 2020!!"

"The workshop? Wonderful! Shayu as a Teacher [in Training] of Esalen Massage? Excellent!" ~ Paisley

"I enjoyed the entire weekend!" ~ Rick

"Thank you for putting on this workshop for Carrie. She had a fantastic time! She gave me the most wonderful massage [when she got home from the program] and I can not believe how much she learned in just 10 hours of Training! Job well done Shayu!" 

"Just received a wonderful massage from my wife [2 days after she attended Shayu's Esalen Massage Intro Workshop]. It was beautiful!! She has a great teacher."


Introduction to the Art of Esalen Massage, March 9, 2019 ~ full/completed

This 1 day workshop includes movement and awareness practices, live demonstrations, and opportunities to practice on one another as you learn to embody the 3 Key Elements of an Esalen Massage - Presence, Quality of Touch, and the signature technique 'The Long Stroke'.

Testimonials from participants...

"Being in a room of like-minded individuals keen to give and receive was very powerful. There's something to be said about speaking to one another with our hands, our touch, our intention. It's truly beautiful... Shayu is a very beautiful being. She is honest and humble and real. She keeps things simple and light and has a gift for providing gentle and helpful feedback. Shayu moves throughout the room with grace and full presence. Her passion for her work is palpable and thus transfers to her students seamlessly. Thank you for a magical and soul-lifting experience Shayu."

"Thanks for offering your gifts in this way! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to be skillful in giving (and receiving!) massage that includes the signature Esalen 'Longstroke' and deep presence. Shayu is profoundly into the practice of Esalen Massage, and we're lucky that she is stepping up to share these talents as a teacher. Next level please!"

"I loved the peace, groundedness, authenticity and love that was present already at the beginning of this workshop, and continued and deepened throughout the day. A beautiful workshop if you want to learn to authentically and lovingly connect in a deep way to others through an incredible massage modality. Shayu is an incredibly authentic, loving, present, approachable, organized teacher. I learned a lot by watching her. Good group size."

"I liked the rhythm of the day, the way you taught, the way you responded to questions, the way you circulated through the room and touched everyone, and the way I learned to be present. You were prepared, well organized, natural, relaxed and focused.

Shayu offers and teaches Esalen Massage with sacred intention." ~ Ronski

"I learned quite a lot about Esalen Massage and got a taste of why it is so effective as a massage method. If you are already interested in or are considering learning about bodywork and massage, your first step should be a course with Shayu - Amazing!

Shayu, we love your spirit and compassion - truly beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful day and all your assistance. I am glad you stepped in as we (practiced on each other), it really helped with the learning."

"Loved the pace, and clear and calm instructions. Shayu was very available for tips and help during our practice sessions, and made me feel so comfortable as a novice. I came away feeling like 'I got this'. Shayu is a natural teacher, talented in massage, and alive, in the 'zone', living her passion and loving her work. I highly recommend Shayu to anyone." ~ K.S.

"A beautiful, embodied experience of learning, sharing, giving, and receiving. Shayu, you were clear and effective in your communication and instruction - easy to understand and comfortable in your delivery. I loved the combination of knowledge, demos, and practice, and feel enlivened and peaceful at completion. Super grateful for this experience and would recommend it for sure!"

"Firstly, I love how open you are to sharing your beautiful, life-changing, yummy art. The honesty, love and light you bring to each movement is so wonderfully emotional and poignant. Today was such a success! I loved the structure of the day... no exercise felt too long/short. I loved the emphasis on a loving/accepting/casual environment."

"Shayu is present, encouraging, fun and puts me at ease. I will/would take another workshop (with her)."

"The workshop was well organized and full of great people. I learned a lot about maintaining presence while doing massage. The day went by quickly. Shayu is a helpful, attentive teacher who imparts every beneficial quality of Esalen Massage: patience, care, listening, presence, and love."

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