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Your Esalen Massage session is 90 minutes of bodywork with a pay as you wish sliding scale from 

$165 - $195 

Payment options: Cash, Cheque, E-transfer due the day of appointment.

Daytime, evening and weekend availability.​

Please allow 24-48 hours notice for cancellation.

Less than 24 hours notice charged $150. 

FAQ: How Often Should I Schedule Massage?

A: Listen to your body - your physical and emotional needs; your stress levels. Listen to your budget. The most health benefits from massage are experienced when you have regular sessions. Massage once a year, though relaxing, won't undo a lifetime of muscle tension and stress. Once a month is recommended for maintaining regular stress levels and the health of your tissue. If you have acute or chronic pain, or have a special issue to address, if you have a high stress life or career, or if you are an athlete, you might choose to come weekly (or bi-weekly) for 2 - 6 weeks until you feel better, and then reassess the frequency at that point. 

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