"Well beyond a mere massage, an experience with Shayu is therapeutic on many levels. I have no qualms in strongly recommending this." ~ Dave Hepburn MD


"Esalen Massage stretched my ability to accept goodness in my life. The experience was so deeply relaxing and profound that it challenged my image of myself and I am more able to accept this." ~ Kent

Take a remarkable journey into deep relaxation and therapeutic healing with Esalen® Massage. In this presence-based approach, touch is considered as fundamental and essential as air, water and food. It is characterized by a personal, non-clinical way of using long, slow, flowing strokes over your whole body, with an integration of multiple modalities, including deeper tissue work. Esalen Massage invites the layers of your physical, mental and emotional tension to unwind and release, leaving you feeling deeply embodied and relaxed, and with a stillness of mind that is often rare to experience in other forms of bodywork. Esalen Massage is a tapestry of structured touch that many believe to be the greatest form of bodywork on earth. Come and feel soothed and restored in a beautiful, tranquil and spacious treatment room that lends itself to melting and expanding your body, mind and soul. 

"only in a state of deep relaxation can the body's systems begin to re-organize and heal themselves"


"...the skin can be thought of, literally, as the surface of the brain (skin, brain, spinal chord and nerves all evolve from the ectoderm in embryonic development), gliding slowly over the brain's outermost periphery has a deeply integrating effect."       ~ Perry Holloman, Creator of Deep Bodywork®

"reducing stress levels is vitally important to strengthen the immune system and to heal and maintain vibrant health and well-being of the whole - body mind spirit." 

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