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Two words... UN  BELIEVABLE! ... I will be back!!!

Chris Webb, Supervisor 

Well beyond a mere massage, an experience with Shayu is therapeutic on many levels. I have no qualms in strongly recommending this.

Dave Hepburn MD


I have experienced many different therapeutic techniques involving bodywork and psychotherapy, but I was completely unprepared for what I received from Shayu's massages. Unbelievably I have been able to access and heal traumatic memories which were stored at the cellular level in my body. Through Shayu's massages, I have come to understand and experience the intelligence of the body - it's ability to heal itself through deep relaxation and the wonder of transformation. Sometimes during my sessions I can actually feel the healing energy descending throughout my body allowing me to create new ways of being. Every day I am grateful to the Universe for connecting me with Shayu and giving me such a wondrous gift! All I can say is treat yourself to a truly mind blowing experience! Shayu is an angel!

- Linda Foster PhD, MSW; RSW

Honestly Shayu... so amazing! I can't believe I allowed myself to take that long in between sessions. You have a real gift at what you do and I'm very thankful to be on the receiving end! 

- Jay Huxtable

I have always been something of a connoisseur of massage and have been to some of the finest spa resorts in the world. Shayu has the magic and delivers a massage that is up there with the best.

- Madhu Bolton, Director of Marketing World Tree 

I can not believe the difference that your massage made to how my broken leg is functioning... I felt as though the massage took me into this realm where words or thoughts were irrelevant and it was all about feeling and sensation. 

- T.S., Artist

OMG... I feel so good... pain free... released so much... I slept all night - the first time in 45 years...  thank you thank you Magic Woman!!!

- Dee S, Retired Social Worker

You really are very good... your sessions are absolutely therapeutically amazing!!! I deeply rest right from the moment you put your hands on me.

- Anne E Lindsay, RMT, CHT


... all I can say is WOW! in all honesty, that was THE BEST massage I've ever experienced, and trust me, I've experienced many.

Mary E, Administrative Professional

Of all the fabulous massages I have had in my life, yours was the most fabulous.

Gord Broughton, Retired Hobby Farmer

I am a nurse and I am thoughtful to keep my senses open to signs and symptoms of various conditions, so therefore a deep intermittent pelvic pain was on my radar! I asked my doctor about this several times over several years and I had 3 or 4 ultrasounds to make sure my ovaries were not involved... I mentioned this to Shayu and she went right to the pain and with great expertise she went deeply to the exact spot... and hallelujah (happy dance) no more pain!!! I had a real haha about this! To trust and to realize that a "simple" deep muscle could be the culprit! Thanks Shayu! That was such a revelation! You are so tuned in!!!

- Hazell Penn, Nurse Educator

I had no idea when I woke up today that I would have THIS kind of experience. Today was the day I booked a massage for myself (I can't remember the last time I did this). Too often it is easy to speed ahead to the next goal on a journey. Shayu was recommended from my friend who was certain I would love this massage and now I know why. Shayu is totally aligned with this gift of deep tissue and deep calm. Throughout the massage I entered progressively deeper states of calm and connection. When I felt there could be no deeper version of heaven, the session kept deepening, and the treatment had many many layers of care performed in such an artful and connected way. When I was ready to walk upright again, it felt as though I was a new being , so deeply relaxed, walking and talking were completely new again. This is the kind of gift that ripples into many layers of life... offering groundedness, focus, deep peace, acceptance, renewed simplicity...

- Aeryana Castley

After hearing many recommendations over the years, I finally experienced an Esalen Massage with Shayu Talbot. A totally delicious treat! Victoria friends, consider gifting yourself or someone else with a deep and exquisite massage from a sensitive, intuitive and skilled practitioner. 

Tamara Mortimer, M. Ed, Registered Clinical Counsellor 

I’ve had a lot of body work done, both as an athlete and during my recovery from a near-fatal car accident. Never before have I had such deeply healing and nourishing work done, not only on my body, but for my mind and spirit as well.  Every “part” of myself was given loving care and attention. My muscles and tight spots were given deep therapy and my mind/spirit were provided an experience of peace, solace and immense freedom where I was able to let go completely.  Shayu worked so gracefully and quietly around me that I forgot that she was even in the room as the universe worked through her to deliver an experience that was profound and magical. Thank you, Shayu, for delivering such an important gift to others!   

- Janelle Morrison


Shayu is an exceptional bodyworker! After decades of receiving Esalen massages, I was so fortunate to find her. She powerfully embodies the essence of this full body healing modality. Offering a dynamic combination of gentle touch and intuitive healing,  one leaves her table more connected to self on every level. This woman knows the human body and mind and how to help bring both into balance. She is a huge gift to her clients and the world.

Tawny Sterios, California, Yoga Teacher, Doula

I was referred by a friend who mentioned that Shayu provided an "amazing" massage. As an endurance athlete I have spent countless hours training for and participating in triathlons and marathons resulting in an assortment of injuries, strains, sore muscles, and most recently, the annoying pain of achy arthritic joints. Over the years I have visited various massage practitioners all of which have helped in one way or the other, but none to the extent of providing both the relaxation and deep tissue therapy provided by Shayu. She was able to gently relax my muscles and then apply strong firm pressure to get in deep and resolve some painful issues without leaving me feeling like I had been beaten up. I've left each session with my entire body so very relaxed and my mind at ease looking forward to the next appointment. As an added bonus, I am now sleeping better without the lower back pain and my training sessions have been pain free.

I heartily recommend Shayu...
Gord G, Athlete, Vancouver Island

Your discipline and approach made me feel so at ease to begin with! Since my stroke and resultant left-side paralysis in 2009, I've had various styles of bodywork, however, I found that with your work I experienced unusual sensation and very deep relaxation during the session and now realize that you re-awakened parts of my body that my brain had not recognized since my stroke years ago!!! Afterwards, I had a smoother gait when I walked! I now seem to experience more "flow" and "feedback" through my body. This is mind blowing and instills hope and incentive for future healing - an incredible feeling to live with!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Shayu, I will be referring people to you in the hope they feel the benefits as greatly as I do! See you for another session soon!

Mark Miller, "Stroke survivor", Victoria, BC,

There almost aren't words to describe how deeply nurtured & cared for I felt during my massage from Shayu! Her time signature helped me surrender into bliss with ease... just when I prayed it wasn't over yet, there was more - warm cloths on the hands and feet... & such deep tissue work with her amazing elbows!! As a masseuse myself, it is rare to find someone that can massage me just the way I like and need... Shayu, you did it like someone that has been massaging for decades! I'm eternally grateful that our mutual friend insisted our paths cross... my body is in heaven.

Natasha Hutchinson, Massage Practitioner


Every once in awhile, the Universe sends you someone who is so fantastically selfless, kind, giving and gentle, yet strong and passionate about their lives in a way that inspires the same qualities to arise from within your own depth of being.  Shayu Talbot is one such person.  I knew from the moment we met that our paths were crossing for good reason, but it wasn’t until I was laying on her massage table that I got to truly experience her gifts of compassion, listening, empathy, care and strength.

Shayu's way of doing massage created a deep trance state inside where I was able to access some incredible healing power from my own body, while simultaneously benefiting from her skillful and healing hands.  She was able to dig deep into some tender places without causing my body to hold on to the pain, instead, allowing it to let go and repair some very emotional and physical restriction that had been with me for quite awhile.  I came out feeling deeply quiet, refreshed and renewed.  In the days following I felt a lasting shift of energy and a letting go of some chronic joint pain.  Truly healing, highly recommended!

Alex King-Harris aka Rara Avis,  CEO/Founder    Yoga Producer: Beloved Festival 2016

... it was nothing short of amazing... transformational... one of the most nurturing experiences of my life so far! Shayu offers adaptive pressure, is super skillful and strong, and facilitates deep relaxation and release with her techniques. I experienced therapeutic benefits on many levels and felt a profound sense of well-being for days after. I highly recommend this experience to ANYONE! 

- Jazmin Snider, Administrator/Dance Facilitator

I just received another most incredible massage of my life from Shayu Talbot in Victoria. Wow! Her bodywork alone is a good reason to move to the Garden City! If you're looking for an incredibly relaxing, pampering style of massage (with the option for deeper if you want it, which I usually don't) where your body can just melt into total relaxation... can't recommend highly enough! I will absolutely be getting one from her every time I come back to town.

Tad Hargrave, Author of "The Way of the Radical Business", Creator of

The most tender-loving-relaxing-delicious-calm feeling I’ve ever experienced… Shayu is a great healer. Between the warm and beautifully scented atmosphere of the space, to her cherishing energy, she transports you into a trance where true relaxation and ultimate care are combined blissfully. You feel safe. You feel loved. I find myself boasting about this incredible woman’s art every chance I get because it truly is a one-of-a-kind encounter that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, should bless themselves with as many times as they can…

- Kaira Ayer, Horse and Carriage Driver, Tally-Ho Tours

Oh my Goodness!!! If you haven't yet had the awesome touch of Shayu Talbot for a mind and body blowing massage, just do it! Shayu has such an innate passion for this work, like a Calling! My massage... was beyond what I have experienced before. I was complete MUSH afterwards. I could barely think and had to surrender to Mush Land and go home and nap! It was amazing! Do give her a call when you want to treat and Love Yourself Up with luxury and the healing loving hands of this gifted "Massage Goddess". Thank You Shayu!!!

Pat Valks

... the best massage experience I have ever had... more than a massage... an awakening to the sacredness of my body... a re-membering of myself through attuned and compassionate touch... deeply nourishing... complete... couldn't have asked for anything more. I loved how Shayu took her time and returned again and again to different parts of my body, so that I was gradually unwound and layers of physical and emotional holding could relax and release.  Shayu brings skill and sureness, a fully open heart, deep presence, and the ability to stay connected to the truth of one's body. My mind grew still, my inner-sight opened, and I fell into trust. Shayu is a blessing. How she lives her gift for massage into the world with integrity and love is inspiring. 

- Pamela Richardson, PhD, Professor


Deep relaxation. Loving attention. Nourishing of body, mind and spirit. On Shayu's table, I felt as if I was in the hands of an angel. This is not just a massage, this is empathy that moves through fingers, care that weaves through hands, love that flows through loving attention. Truly, one of the best massages of my life! I felt nurtured, nourished and honoured.
Maggi Feehan


... such exquisite massage!  Deep, intuitive and infused with seamless flow throughout. You have the gift of delivering a generous session that is music for the body and the soul.
Patrick Higgins, D.TCM R.Ac.


As someone who really puts a lot into each day, bodywork is an essential part of maintaining my health and vitality. Over the years, I've enjoyed receiving therapy from many capable practitioners, however, Shayu is truly exceptional... it's a heavenly spa-like experience... personalized attention to what is needed in the moment ensures a customized treatment from head to toe. As if that wasn't enough, her use of hot towels and warm face compresses is the icing on the cake! Shayu Talbot has perfected her craft to an art. Of all the treatments I have ever had over the years, Shayu's leaves me feeling utterly and completely relaxed and pampered. 

- Frances Litman

... thank you for the experience. It was truly amazing. I started out feeling self-conscious about my body and ended up feeling cradled in the arms of the universe! .... All thanks to you.
Dexine Wallbank, Musician

... an incredible experience having a massage from Shayu... amazing... I could feel her calm and positive energy throughout the whole process. Her technique is great. Shayu truly has a gift. I felt like she was tuned into a healing energy that was effortlessly flowing from her hands into my body. I felt completely reset, refueled, refilled and walked out of the room floating on air. A huge thank you Shayu for an enlightening, energizing treatment.
George Lasha, Actor, UK


Shayu tuned into my body and gave me one of the most blissful massages I have ever received, and I have had a TON of massage! I could feel how present she was during the treatment and her caring nature was felt through her touch... so pampered and grateful. I left feeling light, relaxed, calm and fortunate to have had the experience. Shayu is amazing!

Joelle McCartie, RMT 

... thank you for the most amazing massage experience. Just when I was thinking "is that it - have I experienced all the highs?" I arrive at this new place of softness and tranquility. You have a huge gift, my dear... you have created something extraordinary. My experience began with a series of pleasant thoughts "what a beautiful location"; "love the house"; "feels good to be greeted so warmly"; "wow, what an amazing massage room";  then, "yummy warm massage bed"; "ohhhhh I am slipping away", and finally, "this is really, really, really good".  Shayu has a huge gift.  She connects.  She knows.  She trusts.  And I am so very thankful for that.  Shayu, you are a yogi.  I bow to you.  With blessings, Julie Fateh Kaur.

Julie Fateh Kaur Henderson, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

... thanks again for your time... the mind-numbing ache I felt in my shoulders for weeks was gone by that evening, as was the restricted range of motion in my shoulders. The job is now up to me to keep from falling into my bad habits and to develop strength in the areas that got me there... I’ll be certain to keep you in mind before I get into such a severe state again.

Will Lloyd, Business Solutions Architect

... relaxing, integrating, whole, freeing, flowing, graceful, peaceful and deep. Shayu is clearly attuned to my rhythms and releases; supporting me powerfully and gently, with kindness, intelligence, humor and an open heart. I feel grateful, complete and deeply appreciative. Thank You so much. You are a great blessing to our community. 

Jewel (Julia) Day, Body Mind Therapies 

... one of the best massage practitioners I have had the fortune to meet. Shayu is gifted...she seems to connect her soul to my body's soul for a very healing voyage. She has the special ability to create a calm, tranquil environment and gives 200% of her presence to helping heal my body's tremendous pains. My first massage experience was so overwhelming I couldn't drive home right after, I just sat in my car feeling bathed in profound deep peace, calmness & tranquility. I am really looking forward to my next Esalen Massage with Shayu!

Christopher Kane, Owner of Auricle Lawns, Agronomy Turf Management 


Shayu's devotional approach to bodywork is very rare to find nowadays. Her touch is genuine. Her massage is a prayer. It has a “Namaste” quality where her God/Spirit recognizes God/Spirit in you. It is heart opening. I wish everybody to experience this nourishing touch at least once in your lifetime. Do not miss this treat!

Veronika Prielozna M.A., RYT

I'm a hard working 30 year old with a physically demanding job, sometimes working 70 hrs a week.... my best friend, who gets many massages and is in the wellness community, told me that she received the best massage she had ever had in her life from Shayu... I have been to many places in Victoria for both deep tissue and relaxation massages and I'm not exaggerating when I say Shayu's is almost an out-of-body experience. The relaxation put me into a trance-like state where I totally forgot about the stressful outside world. And Shayu found the perfect pressure for me. After the massage I felt almost drunk, in a good way. I had to take ten minutes to drink some water and gather myself before attempting to drive. I highly recommend Shayu's massage treatment to anyone looking for a complete body pampering. Since my last session I have bought two gift certificates for friends and plan to make another appointment as soon as possible.
Kate Clark, Manager, Tally Ho Carriage Tours, Victoria, BC

When Shayu was first recommended to me I had no idea what Esalen Massage was, although I've been the happy recipient of many relaxation and therapeutic massages.  From the first moment I met Shayu I was struck by her gentle, yet straightforward spirit and instantly felt at ease in her studio. Shayu is a healer. Although massage is a skill she's trained in, it's also her vocation, and it shows in the way she attends to both the physical body and the spirit of her clients. Her massage combines both relaxation and therapeutic touch and is unlike anything I've experienced before. As someone who pushes her body (and spirit) hard, I came to Shayu with some physical aches and pains along with tension from the anxiety of a busy family and professional life. Shayu was able to work out the issues I was dealing with physically and also nurture my weary spirit. My time spent with her was a gift. I cannot recommend Shayu highly enough. I guarantee that you will love it. 
Leslie Lloyd, Fast Canadian Enterprises Ltd 

Shayu is a naturally skilled massage therapist, highly professional and generous in spirit. She has worked with my piriformis syndrome and sciatic issues for 4 months and I am happy to say they are no longer a chronic issue. The time I spend on her massage table is such a gift... I maintain my wellness seeing her once a month just to experience her healing touch. I highly recommend Shayu without hesitation .
Heather Lutte, Victoria, BC
Thank you so much for the transformational massage... a wonderful experience of multiple sensations... heating pad, warm towels, wet towels, deep tissue massage and true nourishment... it took me off into another zone and erased the pain in the small of my back and I can no longer remember where the second pain spot was??? Thank you for your magic hands... (and) for a rested and relaxed sleep. I would appreciate another of your amazing massages!
Bonnie Hardy, Jin Shin Do, Reiki, and Biodynamic CranioSacral Practitioner
The massage with Shayu was absolutely incredible... the best I've ever experienced... the room so peaceful... never felt so relaxed... felt like jello afterwards! Shayu made me feel very welcome, comfortable and is so thorough! I will be sure to come back. 
I highly recommend Shayu to anyone.
Emily Bradshaw, Nursing Student


I truly felt Shayu put all of her heart and soul into my massage from beginning to end. I was amazed at the strength of her hands and the gentleness of her touch. I was feeling some tightness in my lower right side of my back and hip and Shayu successfully remedied this issue. She took the time to listen to my needs, asked whether there was enough or too much pressure, and made me feel absolutely pampered. She provided me with the most personalized, thorough, effective massage of my life. She truly is a natural in her profession. I highly recommend Shayu and look forward to many more massages in the future. Thank you for rejuvenating my body and mind!

- Ann Reeves, Human Resources Assistant


I was fortunate enough to find myself on Shayu's massage table for an amazing bodywork session...
Shayu approaches her service with integrity, skill, and reverence for the body and soul. It's hard to believe she has not been doing this work all her adult life.  Treat yourself and Enjoy!

- Gale Sofia
After receiving dozens of massages with a myriad of different techniques, in several different countries during the past 25 years, I found Shayu's to be the most relaxing ever!  A good massage releases tension in muscles and joints, while simultaneously bringing the mind to a relaxed clear state... I leave her massage table as if I have taken some relaxation potion! I recommend Shayu's massage to anyone - to relieve mental and/or muscular tension or for anyone who could use a tune up. If you need to put your mind and body at ease after or before a stressful event, Shayu's massage will do the trick!
Kirk Buhne, Business Owner, Architectural Marketing Specialist
Shayu is a gift to oneself, she gives without holding back. Her massages are beyond good... truly a healing journey. I love her magic touch!
Jerri Smart, Natural Horsemanship Instructor, Creator of WildWomanHorseAdventures
Shayu is in a class of her own. On a regular basis I happily spend 90 minutes on her table while she tunes up my body. A massage with Shayu is literally an "out-of-this-world" beautiful experience because nobody, but nobody, does it with so much TLC. Simply said, "Outstanding!"

B Ellis, Senior

Having had back problems since my teens, I've had the privilege of experiencing many styles of massage around the world - Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Thai, Deep Tissue, from male and female practitioners. Massage has always been a favorite splurge and a method of alleviating pain without pharmaceuticals. At my first massage with Shayu I knew that I was in the presence of someone manifesting their gift to the world, one body at a time. In a wonderful soothing atmosphere, Shayu's presence and focused attention sets her apart, incorporating every atom of her being into her hands.  I have never felt such attention and compassion on another's table. More than just a massage, more than just physical release for my aching body, but emotional release as well. I believe that Shayu's training in Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine has given her incredible insights into guiding clients on and off the table to feeling better physically and emotionally. Every massage I've had from her has left me feeling expanded, renewed and recharged in a whole new way. This is an integral part of my complete healing journey. Thank you Shayu for allowing the divine to flow through your hands to my body. 

Karen Belyea, RYT, EFT Level II  

Shayu's presence is heartfelt and deep. Her healing space is a welcoming, peaceful, and beautiful sanctuary. Every time I receive her massages, I feel nourished, nurtured, and deeply relaxed. Shayu's resourceful presence has helped me make positive changes in my life. I highly recommend Shayu - you will experience being deeply cared for.

Ronski Kosky, Workshop Facilitator, Yoga/Dance Teacher, Executive Life Coach, Rehab Specialist


... full sweeping movements, attention to the whole body, variety of massage techniques... clean, welcoming environment, warm towels, comfy massage table, professional interaction all add to this beautiful experience. I highly recommend Shayu for a total relaxation and deep immersion massage! Thank you Shayu! 

Dawn Rabey PhD, Registered Clinical Counsellor/Transpersonal Psychotherapist


Shayu's work is unique.  It is rare to find such a complete experience of the body being knit back into wholeness. She holds space beautifully and I'm grateful to have this wise woman in my world. 

Amber Rabby, R.Ac

What Clients Say....
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